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Are you struggling with symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression?

Or would you like to prevent this by managing change better in your life?

Have you tried mindfulness, counselling, even CBT and found they do not work?

You are not mad or alone.

  • Counselling only has a success rate of approx. 50%.
  • 70.9 million prescriptions for antidepressants were given out in 2018, compared with 36 million in 2008.  We are seeing a steady year-on-year increase. (NHS Digital)
  • We are taking 15.4 million days off due to work related stress/anxiety/depression. (CIPD)

You are definitely not alone.

The current approaches are not working!

Let us help you to engage fully in life and perform to your best

MakeWell Programmes

Balance Intervention

A rapid response programme to bring individuals who are in a state of high emotional and mental intensity to a state of balance. A combination of mentoring and intense support for an 8 week period. Programme includes support and advice for immediate family members

Emotional Wellness

An authentic, real-life workshop to help you improve your emotional health and prevent mental and emotional distress. Understand your triggers. Meet your resistance. Learn to let go in a healthy way. Pave the way to a new beginning.

Are you a leader or HR professional and growing tired of
mental health and wellbeing fads?


Mental Health First Aid, the latest.

Do you want a wellbeing provision that adds value to all areas of business performance – finance, customer service, people and service delivery?

This is what all the Best Companies do – they know that low employee engagement is costing the UK economy £340 billion per year. (HAY Group)

Best Companies invest in their leaders – leaders account for 70% variance in employee engagement scores. (GARTNER)

The latest CIPD research compounds this – 43% of those absent due to stress, anxiety and depression state management style as a direct cause of stress.

Let’s build a wellbeing solution that helps you build employee engagement, eliminate mental and emotional distress within your business and improve all areas of business performance.

Our approach

The MakeWell programme is designed from a place of personal experience, promoting full recovery and growth in a supported, natural and safe way.
An alternative to the medical model for those suffering from mental and emotional distress
A full recovery programme - reduction in symptoms within 6 - 8 weeks
Skills developed to build a strong foundation for sustained and future growth
Delivered by skilled people with real life experience who have fully recovered
No fads
High value programmes not HR gimmicks, e.g. mindfulness, mental health first aid
Improve all areas of business performance - financial, people, customer service, service delivery
Providing individuals with skills and support to empower themselves for the long term
We have a big social mission to help people to engage, eliminate mental and emotional distress and improve performance.


Who am I?

My name is Kelly Niven, I am the founder of MakeWell.  10 years ago, I struggled badly after my son was born.  I barely remember the months that followed Jack’s birth, which is sad to me now.  I wish I could have been present and enjoyed him.  I didn’t like the options that were available, so I started to research and found a different way to be and live.  The years since, I have been asked to help others who are struggling.  The results were remarkable.  I then applied these principles in my HR career and realised that the same approach is used to build employee engagement and improve performance.  This approach helped me to support a Company to gain The Sunday Times Best Company award.  It is the vision and mission of MakeWell to support as many individuals and businesses as possible to engage, eliminate mental and emotional distress and perform to the best of their ability.

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