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About Us

MakeWell is a training and coaching company based in Glasgow, UK. The Emotional Wellness Programmes have been developed with a deep understanding of the inner process of transformation.  The programmes are supported with grounded approaches to wellbeing to manage transitions.

This helps organisations to build engagement and improve performance by developing a culture of:

  • Psychological safety
  • Employees who use their voice
  • Trust (eliminating fear and intimidation)
  • Fluidity – removing hierarchy, less middle management and HR
  • Individual and team authority/autonomy

We are not doctors’ nor medically trained.  We do not believe in providing medications to numb pain or sell stories that emotional problems are biological.  We understand this is tempting to someone struggling, immediate relief is needed!

We are not counsellors or therapists.  Whilst on occasions, there is a need for counselling, wallowing, psycho-analysing for years, believing all problems are psychological is unnecessary.  Pain, trauma and distress are also held in the body.

We do not use new age philosophies or mindfulness to bypass pain, support delusion or make superficial changes.  Change work done here is challenging and requires courage and honesty to develop strength of character.

Our approach

MakeWell Coaching is delivered from a place of personal experience, promoting full recovery and growth in a supported, natural and safe way.
An alternative to the medical model for those suffering from mental and emotional distress
A full recovery programme - reduction in symptoms within 6 - 8 weeks
Skills developed to build a strong foundation for sustained and future growth
Delivered by skilled people with real life experience who have fully recovered
No fads
High value programmes not HR gimmicks, e.g. mindfulness, mental health first aid
Improve all areas of business performance - financial, people, customer service, service delivery
Providing individuals with skills and support to empower themselves for the long term
We have a big social mission to help people to engage, eliminate mental and emotional distress and improve performance.

Kelly Niven (MCIPD), Director of MakeWell and Author of The Key to Mental Health, has over 15 years-experience in coaching leaders and individuals how to manage significant change including working with brands such as Radisson, Lloyds Pharmacy and Tesco Bank.  Kelly successfully gained The Sunday Times accreditation for Heathrow Business Support Centre (3 stars for Wellbeing). 

“I struggled with my emotional health after my son was born.  I barely remember the months that followed Jack’s birth.  I wish I could have been present and enjoyed him.  I didn’t agree with medical professionals, so I started to research and found that I was not alone.  Fortunately, I found different way.  The years since, I have been asked to help others who are struggling.  The results have been remarkable.  I applied these principles in my HR career and realised that by coaching people through inner transformation builds engagement and improves performance.  This approach helped me to support a company to gain The Sunday Times Best Company award.  It is the vision and mission of MakeWell to provide an alternative approach to mental health.  To support as many individuals and businesses as possible to manage change, find their voice and live a creative life”.


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