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October 7, 2019by makewellg0

How to Breathe like a Yogi

Breathing naturally during times of stress takes practice.   Learn how to stay cool, calm and collected when it matters most ………

Why practice breathing?

  • helps you rest and relax deeply
  • helps you build confidence at times of high stress – interviews, public speaking, flying 
  • Improve your sleeping habits
  • Regain your composure when emotions are running high
  • Build your resilience during adversity and change
  • Physical, mental and emotional health

One more point.  There is one common factor with people who have spiralled into despair. Every.  Single. One.  The circumstances don’t matter. The words are irrelevant.  

If you watch a person closely, you will see they have lost control.  Breathing is rapid and shallow, into the chest.

You might not realise there is a proper way to breathe. Perhaps you are naturally relaxed or alternatively you may function with low level anxiety/adrenalin/nerves without being aware you are anxious.

Learning how to breather properly (using your diaphragm) will help you avoid the unnecessary ailments of poor breathing.

How to practice diaphragmatic breathing 

Breathing correctly, means you are breathing deeply into your stomach.  Not short, shallow breaths into your chest.  You will notice your chest rising quickly if you are breathing incorrectly.

Diaphragmatic breathing is simple ………

• Breathe in slowly, counting to four. Make sure you are pushing your stomach out as you breathe in.
• Hold, counting to four.
• Release your breath slowly, counting to four, pulling your stomach in.
• Hold, counting to four.
• Repeat. 

(See the infographic below):


Let us know if this is helpful.  Leave a comment below:


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2 months ago

Kelly Niven

As we enter 2020 a recurring theme has come up in my classes and coaching conversations....

Listening to and using your voice.

Two conversations made me reflect as 2019 came to a close.

The first, a lady who is healing from a mental health diagnosis. She had a bad experienced going to a one day workshop where the popular coach claimed you could heal in a day.

Throughout the day, there were red flags. Her voice said no.

The second conversation was with a lady who spent many years in an unethical relationship with her therapist who mis-used his power. The flags appeared early on, however, it was many years before she was able to listen to this voice and use it to say no more.

In October, when I spoke at The Body and Soul Fayre, I was asked by someone looking to heal, what books they should read or what teachers they should listen to.

I told him, as much as I would love to advise, I was unable to do so. You see, every book or teacher has been placed on my path at the right time, to help ME move forward.

Every book or teacher will be placed on your path to as you look to go deeper and heal. You can listen to recommendations, however, only you will know if is right or not.

In the conversations mentioned above, there are clearly some individuals who claim to be healers who are misinformed or not acting ethically. How do you know who to listen to?

The red flags. The ladies above were both aware of the red flags. The feeling something wasn't right. Their voice. The first lady trusted her intuition instantly, the second got there eventually.

From listening to some astrologers who I respect, we have some big transitions in 2020. I will continue to use my voice to heal and I will share more on this page and my blog to help you do the same. 💛

Happy New Year

Kelly x
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