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October 2, 2019by makewellg0

This week The Telegraph posted an article ‘Social media ‘sadfishing’ trend is harming mental health of children and leading to bullying’, HMC report says …

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What is ‘sadfishing’?

‘Sadfishing’ is when a person posts on social media about an emotional problem or mental health challenge with intent to gain sympathy or attention. This has become popular amongst celebrities who have been accused of doing this to increase the number of likes and shares of followers.

What is the risk for children who follow in the footsteps of these celebrities?

A number of risks have been identified for children:
– a vulnerable child exposing themselves to online criticism can have a negative impact on their already poor self image
– studies have shown that individuals who expose their mental health and emotional challenges are potentially opening themselves to predators/grooming behaviour

Our view

A child may receive positive and encouraging feedback from a ‘sadfishing’ post and perceive this to be a good thing. This is not necessarily so. There is much to be said for vulnerability, especially with the much publicised work of Brene Brown. However, sharing publicly and to people who have not earned the right and trust to hear our inner most thoughts and feelings is not wise. Brene Brown calls this flood lighting. Whereas genuine vulnerability can enhance relationships. Floodlighting can have the opposite impact, creating distrust and disconnection.

In addition, as these posts show, they attract other individuals who are stuck in the same situation, with the same struggles. This may momentarily feel good however, it becomes the blind leading the blind and its a road that leads no-where.

Working through emotional challenges is always best when shared privately with a loving, compassionate and highly skilled professional.

What are your thoughts? leave a comment below ….


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2 months ago

Kelly Niven

As we enter 2020 a recurring theme has come up in my classes and coaching conversations....

Listening to and using your voice.

Two conversations made me reflect as 2019 came to a close.

The first, a lady who is healing from a mental health diagnosis. She had a bad experienced going to a one day workshop where the popular coach claimed you could heal in a day.

Throughout the day, there were red flags. Her voice said no.

The second conversation was with a lady who spent many years in an unethical relationship with her therapist who mis-used his power. The flags appeared early on, however, it was many years before she was able to listen to this voice and use it to say no more.

In October, when I spoke at The Body and Soul Fayre, I was asked by someone looking to heal, what books they should read or what teachers they should listen to.

I told him, as much as I would love to advise, I was unable to do so. You see, every book or teacher has been placed on my path at the right time, to help ME move forward.

Every book or teacher will be placed on your path to as you look to go deeper and heal. You can listen to recommendations, however, only you will know if is right or not.

In the conversations mentioned above, there are clearly some individuals who claim to be healers who are misinformed or not acting ethically. How do you know who to listen to?

The red flags. The ladies above were both aware of the red flags. The feeling something wasn't right. Their voice. The first lady trusted her intuition instantly, the second got there eventually.

From listening to some astrologers who I respect, we have some big transitions in 2020. I will continue to use my voice to heal and I will share more on this page and my blog to help you do the same. πŸ’›

Happy New Year

Kelly x
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